Field Recordings (Aug 2012)

Seasons Part 4 (Dec 2011)

Seasons Part 3 (Nov 2011)

Seasons Part 2 (Jul 2011)

Seasons Part 1 (Apr 2011)

Fracture And Fragments (Dec 2010)

Mosaic (Aug 2010)

Wires and Tapes

Part 4
Reunion (July 2009)

Part 3
Distant Desire (May 2009)

Part 2
Reference Reflection (April 2009)

Part 1
Leaving It Behind (March 2009)

11 Responses to Music

  1. EDUARDO says:


  2. Toan Tran says:

    Echelon Effect, thank you for making music that impacts the soul.

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  4. scott says:

    your music makes a good life better. i’ll be paying for the new stuff when i can. cannot WAIT for the double album. thank you for being incredible.

  5. d2390576 says:

    Hi! Your music’s awesome; but I’m curious as to why your recordings are mostly 48khz, is there a specific reason for this?

  6. Kindsey says:

    This is the pefecrt post for me to find at this time

  7. Octavian Tuca says:

    Hey there, just wanted to thank for your surprizingly peaceful music and for that harmony which calms the spirit. many thanks. Cheers from Romania.

  8. taha says:

    Just Brilliant !
    Cheers !

  9. Pedro Amaral says:

    Hi, I downloaded “Mosaic”, I didnt pay any money but if I could I would, its a great piece of music.
    Thank you for your dedication to make such beautiful sounds.

    Regards from Mozambique.

    Pedro aka EmbRi0n

    P.S: What softwares do you use? Would be awesome if you could post a list of your gear somewhere on the website.

    Again, thank you very much, I love the music.

  10. Michał says:

    It is… It is absolutely amazing. I don’t know what to say more… Just amazing.

  11. Victor says:

    Hi there, just bought your music on itunes, great stuff. Heard about Ech. Eff on Love your tracks, soundscapes. I really lose myself in it. Keep it up!
    Victor, the Netherlands

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