Mosaic Out Now

I’ve got a new album. It seems as if i’ve been locked away for months making this, and at times I truly couldn’t see the end! Yesterday I clicked a button on Bandcamp and sat nervously for a few minutes thinking, “I really hope people like this”. I want to say thanks for all the lovely messages, and to all the people that have downloaded it so far. For those that haven’t, here’s your chance.

Please feel free to share this amongst your friends. There is no set price for the album, but there is an option to give a little more. I just wanted to also say thanks to Steve T for his incredible drumming, and to Noah for once again lending his beautiful poems to the music.

Listen to and download here

Thanks as always
The Echelon Effect

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’d really love to know the lyrics to tracks What Makes Us So Uncommon, and Defying Gravity To Reach You. The music is haunting and beautiful. I first discovered it because it was used in the background of a youtube video called The Great Escape, a religio-scientific statement about the human future in space made possible by asking courageous questions and the scientific method. The lyrics of these songs appear to be a lovely and heady speculation on the nature of existence and the ultimate structure of the universe, but I can’t make out most of the words. My enjoyment of these tracks would be enhanced if I knew them. Thank you.

  2. Edgar Deduchov says:

    Just have found your website after listening to “Mosaic” for quite a while now. Album is stunning and to be honest, can not find accurate words to describe it. Nethertheless, I keep listening to the album since it’s release at least 3-4 times a week 🙂 Wish you all the best in future creations!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Edgar, thankyou so much for taking the time to listen, it really does take a very long time to make. There is plenty of new music in the pipeline, so keep checking back. Thanks again
      The Echelon Effect

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