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New Single – Your First Light My Eventide – Help Fund “Seasons”

January 22, 2011

If you buy anything from me please buy this.
Its name your own price with a £2 minimum. Please feel free to help out and donate more,

Taken from the forthcoming “Seasons” this single is helping fund the year long project.
“Seasons” is a documentation of 2011, comprising of 4 Eps and a film.

So please consider buying and help make “Seasons” come to to life

The pretty lights in the video are the A40 road in London, in case you were wondering
Video Coming Soon
The Echelon Effect

New Ep ‘Fracture And Fragments’

December 10, 2010

The New Ep “Fracture And Fragments”

The new EP is out with rescued tracks that i was going to throw away. The tracks are from all era’s of The Echelon Effect. Some are demos that were never taken further, some were B-side material. Either way i was never going to listen to them again. But after a computer crash and day spent sifting through files i discovered them again, and well, they aint so bad! So here you are, please if you like them, consider contributing for the download. it will all go towards next years project ‘Seasons’

Mosaic Out Now

September 3, 2010

I’ve got a new album. It seems as if i’ve been locked away for months making this, and at times I truly couldn’t see the end! Yesterday I clicked a button on Bandcamp and sat nervously for a few minutes thinking, “I really hope people like this”. I want to say thanks for all the lovely messages, and to all the people that have downloaded it so far. For those that haven’t, here’s your chance.

Please feel free to share this amongst your friends. There is no set price for the album, but there is an option to give a little more. I just wanted to also say thanks to Steve T for his incredible drumming, and to Noah for once again lending his beautiful poems to the music.

Listen to and download here

Thanks as always
The Echelon Effect