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New Album PACIFIC out now.

June 17, 2014

The final part of the oceanic voyage comes to a close. Following on from Atlantic (released 2013), Pacific explores the coasts around Panama, Mexico and California. Thanks for all the support I’ve had during this project. I’m already thinking of next years album.

You can pick the album up below.

Dave x

The New Album ATLANTIC Out Now

November 18, 2013

The Echelon Effect’s new album “Atlantic” is the first part of a double album, charting a path across the two largest oceans on earth. Renowned for sparkling and gentle compositions, the idea that was to steer away slightly from a sound of comfort and dry land, and try to capture something of the dangerous unknown. Whilst standing on a beach in late 2011 on the shores of the Pacific, the thought occurred that people actually live, travel and work in some of these most hostile conditions on earth. The vision was to capture these conditions in music.

The Echelon Effect started on an album, that was meant to guide the listener westwards across the Atlantic, the album is meant to be listened to as a full and chronological listen, shifting with different weather and sea conditions interspersed with sightings of land and wildlife.

Two collaborators were invited, to create a variety of stop-off points along the route. Torsten Kinsella from God Is An Astronaut appears in the first 3rd of the album, and lends ethereal vocals to the track “Hidden Rocks”. Creating a layer of beauty and tension that his world renowned band are revered for.

Later in the album Ciaran Morahan from the post-rock group Codes In The Clouds, lends his guitar to help paint memories of a now distant home on the track “Remember Sennen”. The whole album backed up by long time drumming companion Steve Tanton.

The journey will not end with “Atlantic” as towards the end of the album, there is a passage through the Panama canal to start the voyage across the Pacific,

The sister album “Pacific” will be released in 2014.

Atlantic can be picked up digitally now from the link below, or many other download stores.


June 27, 2013

To excite/wet appetites/introduce. We’ve started the jouney towards the coast. Cabrillo is a 3 track EP nothing more nothing less. It precedes the double album coming out late this year Atlantic/Pacific. Preorder and get a track straight away. Dave x

New Record “Field Recordings” is Out Now

August 30, 2012

I had to release it a little early. This is where i have been all summer! Hope you enjoy it Dave


Seasons 4 completes 2011

May 17, 2012

Thank-you for being with me through last year, heres Seasons 4 that brings the year full circle

Seasons Part 3 is here >

November 20, 2011

how are we in autumn already, it really seems like a couple of weeks ago that i started the whole Seasons project, hope you like, its name your own price download with no minimum. Dave x T>E>E


Seasons Part 2

May 31, 2011

Seasons Begins …

April 23, 2011

Part 1, name your own price.